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No one sleeps hungry tonight!
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So many seniors, children & sick people are struggling for food. Now you can choose which family to feed each week!

“I was introduced to Joyce through FreeMeals.org and her physician when I dropped off a free meal to her. She was so sweet, humble and very grateful.  As we were all just learning to cope with a pandemic, I could sense her vulnerability because it was going to be particularly more difficult for seniors like her to be able to leave their homes to fend for themselves. Joyce was not only dependent on free meals but also needed help with groceries and medication that needed to be picked up. We are blessed at this opportunity to be her adopted family and to be able to be of service to her and our community.”

Harinder Bath

How it Works

Sponsored Families

Akhil Duggal has sponsored a Senior who is living alone and struggling to access food.
She now receives a hot chicken meal from Lazy Dog each week.

Harinder Bath has sponsored a 92 year old Senior living alone and struggling due to Covid. She now has a nutritious vegetarian meal each week!

“I was inspired to sponsor my family because what was posted on Instagram by one of the volunteer drivers, Harinder Bath. Their story really touched me. I don’t think anyone of our seniors should have to eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is not right.
I am so happy FreeMeals.org gives us an opportunity to help those who need the assistance during these trying times. I am blessed I have the opportunity to adopt them so they can get a hot healthy meal. Thank you FreeMeals.org and all the amazing volunteers!”

Anjali Jhangiani

“I wanted to help people outside of my immediate circle of family and friends. Who you adopted and why – I adopted a 20 year old girl because I cannot ever imagine someone at that age going hungry. I want to free up their time so they could focus on forming a life dream and goals rather than have to worry about getting the next meal on the table.”

Shilpi Minocha


“WishingWell, Inc, is a non-profit 501(C)3, with EIN 263642056, doing business as Free Meals”. We are on a mission to feed families in need and are 100% volunteer run. By accepting a free meal you acknowledge that FreeMeals.org and it’s volunteers and associates are in no way legally liable for anything that might occur due to your accepting the free meal from a restaurant. If a volunteer delivers, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure the food is safe for you to consume. We do not provide any nutritional or allergy information. Thank you.

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