Free Family Meals!

No one should sleep hungry.
$45 Feeds a Family of 4!

Our “Free HealMeal” program offers nutritious meals to the needy from local restaurants using tax-deductible donations.

How Many Will You Feed?

Over 30 Million Americans slept hungry last night. Some don’t have money, others are too sick. There are lonely seniors who don’t drive. Foster kids waiting for meals. You can help feed them nutritious meals while helping local restaurants! 

Your donation counts more than you can imagine.

    $45 Feeds 1 Family of 4 
$90 Feeds 2 Families 
$180 Feeds 4 Families 

You may donate one time or on a recurring basis. 
You may choose a larger amount to enter at
How do we screen families? Our partnering organizations do that for us and refer families in need. For a family that is not referred, our volunteers call to screen them to ensure they meet our criteria.


Feeding Families in Need!

Free Family Meals


We collect tax-deductible donations and apply 100% towards purchasing meals from restaurants. You can donate to feed one family or multiple families. Click HERE TO DONATE NOW >

Free Family Meals


Local restaurants create 2 meal options, ensuring they are nutritious and well-balanced. Each meal feeds a family of four and costs $45. Restaurants can sign up to join our Free Heal Meal by clicking here

Free Family Meals


Anyone in need of a free nutritious meal can request one! We are focused on feeding seniors, those who are sick or laid off or simply unable to afford a healthy meal. To request a meal click here and provide the requested information.

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“WishingWell, Inc, is a non-profit 501(C)3, with EIN 263642056, doing business as Free Meals”. We are on a mission to feed families in need and are 100% volunteer run. By accepting a free meal you acknowledge that and it’s volunteers and associates are in no way legally liable for anything that might occur due to your accepting the free meal from a restaurant. If a volunteer delivers, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure the food is safe for you to consume. We do not provide any nutritional or allergy information. Thank you.

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