Case Study CASA

April 21, 2021by Alok Ranjan0

Recently our team met with the representative of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) and interacted with them about our collaboration.

Below is the snippet of our discussion.

Interviewee: Vanessa

Vanessa worked with Casa of Contra Costa for 2 years and transferred to Alameda county CASA in February 2020.

Q1: How did you hear about FreeMeals and how would you describe the experience thus far?

I was new after I transferred from CASA of Contra Costa County to Alameda County. My manager and Ponam (who is on the board) connected me with FreeMeals. It was one of my first projects. I’ve learned a lot through it. I helped with organization and coordination. I put everything into a pdf to track the families we connect with FreeMeals. I have learned to work smart through this process.

Q2. How many children have we been able to serve at Casa?

FreeMeals serves 11 foster families on a recurring basis. Some of the families have multiple foster youths and others have one child living with them.

Q3. How old are the kids we are helping?

We’ve had some 18+, teenagers, preteens, children around age 9. There is a big range. We try to help anyone in need.

Q4. How many meals have they received?

We have served 33 meals total to 11 families. Each family gets 1 meal per week and in the fall we removed this restriction so it is now unlimited. I have 3 youth who receive 4 meals a week. It is very helpful!

It has been slow but we are connecting more and more families. The need is there. FreeMeals has approved us to provide 50 meals and 33 of those have already been given to the families.

Q5. What feedback have they given about their experience receiving the meals?

I don’t talk to the foster parents directly, so they don’t tell me much but some of the foster families have 5 members living in the same household. One family lost their home to a fire earlier this year and they have been receiving meals every week.

Q6. How can we improve the work we are doing to better support them at this time?

I don’t really have any requests at this time. This has been a wonderful program for the families. I think what helps them is having me in the picture to help coordinate because not everyone knows about the program yet.

As a Freemeal team, we are proud & determined to continuously support CASA.

Case Study CASA
Author: Alok Ranjan

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Case Study CASA
Author: Alok Ranjan