Virtu Arora and American Desi Society donate to to feed Stockton, Tracy, and Lodi

November 28, 2020by Alok Ranjan0

“If you can’t feed 100, feed Just One”- Mother Teresa.

We get so thrilled at when someone gets involved as a driver volunteer and is soon galvanizing friends and family to donate. This is the story of how Virtu Arora inspired an entire organization to donate their grant money to feeding families through Arora was first introduced to FreeMeals by volunteer Rani Dhillon, who manages the deliveries of free meals to families in Tracy, Stockton and Lodi.

Rani needed help in Stockton as their volunteers were unable to drive out that far. Virtu experienced first hand the incredible impact we were making on families struggling with food insecurity. “These are tough times. COViD has affected so many in different ways. If a hot meal can help a family, an individual, or a child feel loved, then it is worth the effort,” said Virtu Arora.

When Virtu learned that FreeMeals has run out of funds she decided to join the grants team to help fill out grant applications. Virtu helps other organizations fill out grants too. When American Desi Society raised some funds she decided to invite them to consider donating to FreeMeals.

American Desi Society is committed to eliminating community hunger needs in the Central Valley, California area. They feel that serving a hot meal for families in need is a good way to help the local families in need. “We decided to commit the funds from American Desi Society for the FreeMeals program after getting positive feedback from local families who benefitted from this program,” said Virtu Arora.

American Desi Team includes Gurinder Dhatt, Sonia Walia, Joti Bolina, Neelam Dhesi & Pinky Sidhu. They are delivering meals to needy families throughout the pandemic. Their kind effort is commendable and together we will win the fight against hunger.

We thank both Virtu Arora and American Desi Society for their incredible generosity in donating $2500 to feed 100 families in Central Valley. If you are a family in need or a donor looking to help ensure no one sleeps hungry tonight please visit We are waiting for you!

Virtu Arora and American Desi Society donate to to feed Stockton, Tracy, and Lodi
Author: Alok Ranjan

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Virtu Arora and American Desi Society donate to to feed Stockton, Tracy, and Lodi
Author: Alok Ranjan