Thank you Tara Fairchild and 2nd Street Neighbors

November 19, 2020by Alok Ranjan0

One of the most beautiful things about our community is the kindness and care demonstrated by our neighbors. Here’s a heart warming story about a neighbor Tara Fairchild who inspired a whole neighborhood!

Like many of us, Tara Fairchild enjoys celebrating Halloween with her family and friends in the community.

Their street is usually the hot-spot for trick-or-treaters, who come from all over the tri-valley to enjoy the party.

This year Pleasanton police department advised them to not host the party.

She and her neighbors got disappointed that their annual Halloween celebration was canceled this year due to Covid-19.

One of her neighbors, Art Dunkley, suggested that they should donate Halloween candy budgets to a good cause.

Mrs. Fairchild loved the idea but recalled an article in Pleasanton Weekly about a local NGO (Freemeals).

She did further online research and was quite impressed by the work done by the 100% volunteer run

In her own statement, “Covid-19 has been hard on so many families and businesses in our community. Supporting Freemeals is a win-win for all!”

So the first part of shortlisting the good cause was done, now she was looking for a way to create a fundraiser to raise $1000.

She found that setting up the fundraiser was quite easy. She went to Freemeals and set up the fundraiser using the link right from the website. Then she got busy sharing the fundraiser through email and Facebook to all her neighbors.

It worked!!

Due to Tara’s hard work and generosity, she has raised over $1000 (her target amount!) in less than a month. 100% of this money will go to buying meals from local restaurants to feed local families in need, specially during this holiday season.

Our goal is to feed 200 families this Thanksgiving and holiday season, 50 of those meals will be funded by Tara’s fundraiser.

It’s inspiring leaders like Tara Fairchild who inspire and motivate neighbors to fight against hunger.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining our tribe please visit Freemeals or on Facebook or on Linkedin

Read the gratitude wall from families here

Thank you Tara Fairchild and 2nd Street Neighbors
Author: Alok Ranjan

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Thank you Tara Fairchild and 2nd Street Neighbors
Author: Alok Ranjan