GivLuv Concert Trailer #BlackLivesMatter

July 19, 2020by Alok Ranjan0

You’re all invited to the Free GivLuv concert series featuring Grammy nominated artists playing to raise money for BlackLivesMatter and FreeMeals!!! Please check out the trailer.


If you enjoy listening to incredible piano performances from Grammy nominated artists and hottest s stars singing chart busting tunes …

If you are a supporter of #BlackLivesMatter or agree that no one should sleep hungry, then join us next Sunday at 5pm PST for the GivLuv concert featuring Ricardo Scale & Friends, Samica, Sonam and Simrin.

RSVP here to watch this Free concert.


GivLuv Concert Trailer #BlackLivesMatter
Author: Alok Ranjan

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GivLuv Concert Trailer #BlackLivesMatter
Author: Alok Ranjan